Photographie boudoir Limoges





Artistic photo - Modern Nude - Video montage

Under the « 3dRender » flag, photo studio based in Limoges,
Jean-Marc builds the settings of his universe,
both literally and figuratively.

In 2004, after having worked in magazine advertising
for 12 years, he decides to quit the main stream and
to break free of all types of conventions.

His planet is an interactive 3d setting in the midst
of which come to life beings who are more or less evolved,
more or less numb, more or less conscious
that this is all but a game without great significance because
it is completely illusory

Photo studio for photo book - boudoir photographer -
couple photographer

3dRender is also a traveling photo studio
serving businesses and private individuals.
Its work and expertise are largely oriented towards staging,
originality and artistic creativity :
photo performance ; artwork ; offbeat photos and trends
aiming at breaking away from the conventions of
traditional emblematic photography.

3dRender : the choice of a good photographer in France for
the realization of a professional photo book, for the creation
of a personal photo album (boudoir, nude, glamour,
theme… etc.), for a couple photo session
(classical, erotic or softcore)...etc.

Our photographer and his team will know how to bring out
the best in you, remarkably, aesthetically and artistically so!