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Posing for a photo session:


free photo shoot in Limoges France

In the scope of our photo work and for lighting, setting, clothing, or pose trials, as well as other experimentations, we are regularly looking for men or women models with various physiques.

Physical profile required:

Depending on the type of photos and ambiences targeted, the physical criteria vary widely. No particular criterion is thus sought after, whether it be of age or of height, weight or ethnic origin. Original or atypical physiques welcome!

Personality profile required:

  • Being comfortable with your body and without (too many) complexes
  • Enjoying to pose in front of a camera
  • Controlling the expressions of your face and being able to play with them

Other required conditions:

Being over 18 years of age
If under 18, a written authorization of a legal representative is required


These photo sessions are non-profit-making for the photographer and are therefore based on the principle of exchange: the shooting session, in the studio or outside, is totally free for the model and the very high resolution digital photos that are taken are offered as a gift. In return the model authorizes the photographer to use these snapshots to promote the activities of the studio, particularly by publishing them onto this present website. The photos can sometimes also be used as a model for the realization of paintings on canvas (yes… the photographer often puts down his camera and grabs his paintbrushes in order to work in front of an easel, but this is another story…).


Masked woman (Oil - 50x100cm)

This trade is a way for those who want to build up a photo book, or simply treat oneself to professional quality photos at a lesser cost. Although free, these photo sessions are carried out according to the rules and on the basis of a written agreement between the photographer and model.

If you think that you have the prerequisites mentioned and you wish to benefit from such a trade, simply fill out the contact form intended for this and complete the required information. If your profile is selected, we will contact you.

Note: this type of photo session can take place with one or several models depending on the session or theme of the shoot. The services of a make-up artist and/or hairdresser can sometimes be used. All of this is discussed and arranged on a case-by-case basis. In every instance, the ambiance is excellent during these photo sessions and the participants delighted by the experience and the photos thus produced.

Looking forward to perhaps putting you in the spotlight soon … 

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