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Beyond boudoir photos, customers or models regularly ask me if I do « porno chic » photo shoots in Nice, Paris or elsewhere in France or abroad. I will thus clearly respond here to this question the best I can. But in order to do this we must speak the same language and agree about what exactly is pornography - chic or not chic - ? What is pornography? The French dictionary gives us this definition:


« representation (writings, drawings, paintings, photos, images) of obscene things destined to be communicated to the public. »


The definition given by the French portal of Wikipedia is very similar:


The question of knowing if I do porno photo sessions therefore contains in reality not only one but two questions:


  • do I do « obscene photos » ?
  • Are the shots taken during couple photo sessions meant to be « communicated to the public » ?

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The answer to the second question is obviously NO. When I do and at their request, erotic photos of couples, the duo – whether made up of husband and wife or lover and mistress – generally asks me to be very discreet with respect to its intimate photo session. Request that I always honour: wanting to preserve one’s own privacy seems normal to me and totally rightful. I hence presume that as soon as they leave my Nice photo studio, the couple will not hurry and ‘’make public’’ the snapshots from the lovemaking photo shoots which they came to do in strict privacy and often completely anonymously. This would not make sense at all!


As for the first question, to find out if I do obscene photo sessions, I admit that I must go back to my dictionary in order to help me answer the best I can. Let’s see what the definition of the word « obscene » is:


« which harms the finesse by rude representations or demonstrations of sexuality ». 


Again, Wikipedia’s French definition goes along the same lines:ène


sexy bottom girlHere the definition becomes totally blurry since, to the best of my knowledge, the level of finesse of a person and his or her predisposition to being harmed are extremely different from one person to another. Beyond that, these aspects are downright changeable within a single person depending of his/her moods or intellectual evolution. Indeed, we are not shocked by the same scenes nor the same images at 5 years old than at 20, 40, 60 years old…etc. The same is true for things that make us feel hurt. They vary in function on our scales of values, our culture, our education, our mood of the moment…etc. Having everyone agree to claim that a painting or photo is beautiful or ugly, happy or sad, sensual or obscene, etc. is pure utopia. Everyone has their own values and judgment criteria. What will appear beautiful or erotic for one person will therefore appear completely degrading or corrupt for another and vice-versa. Certain sexual habits that have been characterized as exciting by certain people will be proclaimed humiliating by others.

The definition of the word obscene also mentions « rude demonstrations of sexuality ».Here again we would have to dig deeper in order to understand what the inventors of this word have qualified as « rude ». But I think that this game would be interminable and that we would be spend a very long time going through the pages of the dictionary, jumping this way from definition to definition. We will agree to proclaim that, as for finesse and sensitivity, « rudeness » can have a totally different meaning for one individual than for another. A situation can appear funny or subtle for one individual and completely grotesque and rude for another. The same is true for the romantic positions. Some practice and naturally try with simplicity the various positions of the kamasutra, joyously and good-spiritedly, when others will be under the impression of being sexual perverts if they dare try a position other than that of the missionary. Which is a shame since the same sexual position can in the end bore, and even « frustrate » the loving couple.

What can we draw from this quick examination of the word « pornographic » ? That it does not describe anything precise and refers back to values that are completely subjective. That it can have as many meanings as there are people on earth. That it can be tarnished and used in that way by whomever in order to designate any form of sex acts. The dictionary does not specify the list of what it calls « rude demonstrations of sexuality ».  It is quite a shame that incomplete definitions be delivered to us that way. It might have been instructive to have more details.

So what is a « rude demonstration of sexuality » ?  I do not lack imagination but I admit that here I am at a loss. Perhaps it consists in sexual habits? If so then which habits exactly? Please give us some clues, respected academicians.

In this state of pure uncertainty, it appears to me that the wisest and soundest behavior that one should adopt consists in respecting the values and sexual tastes of others as long as they do not harm ours. Even if they are beyond us and that we can’t understand them, even less share them. For my part I hardly ever worry about the norm and make sure not to impose upon myself the arbitrary moral values dictated by a society whose  immaturity is blindingly obvious to anyone who tries hard to look at it with lucidity.

A clairvoyant man who I appreciate and with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing a few moments of life tells us the following about sexuality:


« …the adolescence is castrated in our society, simply because a perfectly integrated sexuality creates totally free individuals, who cannot be manipulated.  And yet, our societies more or less voluntarily create individuals who are castrated or impotent, profoundly infantilized and dependent… »


and still this: :


« Our sexuality is inadequate in a collective way, it is compulsive, which is totally abnormal for the sexuality of a human being…/… If we do not refer to the user manual, our reality is so far from nature that it is almost ridiculous ». 


If you feel that the reading of those few words echoes inside of you, whatever you do, do not hesitate to take the time to read the entire article on Christophe Allain’s page (its author): le-vivant-partie-xii-111571031.html



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Well, the obscenity in all of this, where is it?

In a completely natural sex act or in the interpretation that a sick and unstructured brain makes of it?


A motto that we should follow more often: « All is pure for those who are pure; but nothing is pure for those who are soiled and disbelieving…» (Titus 1 : 15-16).


I invite you to peacefully and sincerely meditate on that question.


After this short but important digression (at least I will not be blamed for having analyzed the subject at length before pronouncing myself) I let the visitors of this here website answer on their own the question of knowing if I do porno photos or not.


For my part, with great care I do my utmost to bring out the best of the bodies that pose before my lens. Men or women, young or old, tall or short, alone or in a couple, nude or fully dressed, but always comfortable and happy to live this beautiful photo shoot experience in the studio or outside. And if sometimes my camera captures the hand of a lover caressing the open and humid genitalia of his mistress who desires him, I personally do not see anything obscene in it, quite the opposite: it’s beautiful!

During certain couple photo sessions, for the customers looking for my professional photographer services to do beautiful photos of lovemaking which will immortalize them in tender and/or torrid scenes, it is not rare that the two partners are so much abandoned to their own intense pleasures that they even forget my presence! It then is so beautiful to contemplate, very aesthetic to photograph and it is a true victory for me professionally speaking, since knowing how to put a couple at ease for an erotic photo shoot or more, for a hardcore photo shoot (I prefer referring to pornart or pornochic, which are terms that are less degrading and disdainful towards the human body) does not happen just like that and stems from quite the know-how.

Besides, let’s say it, making love in front of a camera or a third person is a widespread feminine fantasy, but also a masculine fantasy. Most people have, at one point or another in their life, feel an urge to expose themselves. Exhibitionism – voyeurism can thus be short-lived fantasies and tendencies, sometimes unexpected, even appearing in people considered as shy. Basically, during the magnificent love scenes of man woman intercourse which I sometimes have the occasion of witnessing during libertine photo shoots in Nice, I have never seen anything that I could qualify as obscene. Otherwise it is Mother Nature herself who would be obscene. My photo models of the moment are simply radiant and happy when shot during sexual games, and this can even be seen with the naked eye!

Hence these photos, having nothing of obscene in my opinion plus the fact that they are not being made public, French dictionary as supporting evidence, cannot be qualified as « pornographic ».

I hope that this will answer all those who wonder if I do or not libertine photo sessions and other castings or porno photo books.

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I do my work as a professional photographer simply, naturally. Following the request of certain couples and customers, I produce beautiful, aesthetic and artistic sex photos that give to those concerned magnificent and unforgettable memories of their love, their frolics, their virility or femininity. A wonderful and original present for someone else or for yourself…

Often, some women are literally « pitchforked » before my camera by their husband or lover with a suitcase filled with underwear, g-strings, stockings, high heels and sex toys and find themselves a little reluctant in realizing an erotic photo session.

But quite rapidly they start playing along and I am not surprised anymore to see the speed with which they become comfortable before my camera and enthusiastic to pose. It is then hard for them to not admit that they have appreciated this exciting experience of a glamour photo shoot! And besides, they do not try to deny it, quite the opposite, they discover that a saucy shoot session was actually a marvelous gift idea (birthday present, Christmas present, St Valentine’s present or simply a present for no reason) that he has had for her; further he will also be able to take advantage at his leisure of the snapshots from this boudoir photo shoot!

It’s just a matter of daring, c’est tellement amusant et excitant!

What about you… will you dare?

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