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What one needs to know in order to successfully make a photo Book:

The error often made by people wanting to make a photo book with the purpose of applying for a modeling or acting position within a modeling agency consists in believing that a photo book (worthy of the name) gets accomplished in just one shooting session with a good photographer. Which is absolutely not true. Sadly quite a few photographers encourage their clientele to make that error either by lack of knowledge, either for cost-effectiveness reasons. Sometimes both.


In order for a photo Book to be attractive in the eyes of a recruiting agency and to give credibility to its owner, it must represent the model during various photo sessions and be made up of snapshots as different as possible from one another. The environment and scenery must therefore be as varied as possible, as well as the contexts and themes of the photo shoots. The outfits worn by the model must also obviously be quite varied, along with the hairdos, the positions and facial expressions. A good and professional photo book is an album assembling the best photos of the model taken over a certain period of time. A few days, weeks, months, even years sometimes. And to make a perfect photo book, it is almost imperative to have a collection of snapshots taken by different professional photographers and not by the same studio photo. The reason is simple: every good photographer brings toProfessional photo shooting Nice his photos his ‘’personal touch’’, his ‘’colour’’, that it be through his choices in lighting, the photo equipment and objectives with which he works, the settings used for his photo shoots, the connectedness with the model and thus the aspects which will seem the most suitable to emphasize, his ability to put his subject at ease and confident in front of the lens, his aptitude to naturally and professionally guide and manage a model without risking him/her closing up, his eventual post-production ‘’touch ups’’ which he will feel need to be brought to the snapshots, etc. You will obtain results that are more diversified and thus a more attractive photo book by choosing to be photographed by different photographers. This will furthermore allow the model to begin adapting and familiarizing with the techniques, moods and work habits of different photographers, which is a necessary preliminary for someone wishing to start a career under the spotlight and other studio flashes!


photobook creation cession in Nice Alpes-Maritimes 06If your budget is limited and thanks to Internet, it is possible to find photographers – amateurs or professionals – offering you a free photo session in exchange for your authorization to publish in their own photo galleries (which they must regularly renew) a few of the snapshots made. Our photo studio also operates from time to time in this way of exchange. This can be a good compromise for you to realize a professional photo book at a low cost.

Be careful however to not pose for the first photographer who comes around. A professional photo model is also a wise photo model! He/she must choose with discernment in front of whom he/she accepts to pose, and this throughout his/her whole career. So before posing before the lens of a photographer (whether the session is free or not) be sure to always have seen some of the work done by this person. If you are seduced by his work and the style of photos that he does, collaborate without hesitating. Otherwise, do not waste your time and move on to something else since bad photos can considerably hinder a professional ascent in modeling, in a way that can even sometimes be irreversible.

Finally, consider making a photo book that is adapted to the career that you are aiming at. The photo book of an actress will not be made up of the same styles of photos as that of a model. Just as much as with the expressions, poses, outfits and makeup than with the framing and lighting used by the photographer.

How many photos should contain a good photo Book ?

A good photo book should contain about twenty photos. Eight or ten at a minimum. This is enough to convince the casting director to retain (or not) your profile. The juries are used to evaluate the models based on just a few quick looks and do not waste their time consulting an enormous book if the first dozen photos has not already seduced them. It is therefore not at all necessary to burden yourself with a bulky photo book.

Which format should a photo book have ?

advices to accomplish a photo bookThe A4 format is generally given preference to. Do not forget however that what’s really important is the contents. But the cover must advantage your photos in a sober way without bringing too much attention to it. Depending on your tastes, you will choose a ring binder, a screw binder, a rechargeable spiral binder or one with fixed leaflets. Why not also choose a magnificent custom and handmade photo book such as those made by the laurelparker book workshop or Catherine Chauvel (Paris) to quote just those.

Keep in mind also that with the soaring up of Internet, more and more recruitment agencies consult online photo books, which is faster and handier for them and more economical for the models due to the reduced photo printing costs. It’s therefore up to you, depending on your needs and the strategies that you will choose to adopt in order to ‘’sell yourself’’.

We will not treat this topic any further here. It would take too long to list the fundamental differences between a photo Book (originally called portfolio), a Composite, a starter Book, etc, as well as the precise functions that must fulfill each of these respective albums. A great amount of anglophone as much as francophone websites already deal with these topics in a perfect manner and with great professionalism. I highly recommend those specialized sites to any person wanting to start a modeling, escorting, acting or comedian activity and who wishes to learn more about the promotional materials that are at their disposal.

The most important advice to create a photo Book :

  • Completing a successful photo book entails more than one photo session done by more than just one photographer.

Have your photos done by at least 2 different photographers in order to create a good photo Book.


The Nice – Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes) 3drender studio is obviously more than competent to guide and help you with the realization of photos meant to feature in a professional photo book.
Come at once to our studio to accomplish some of the best snapshots that will feature in your future photo book.

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