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Take control of your body with the help of photo-therapy®



First, we must understand the difference between photo-therapy® and ''phototherapy''. Phototherapy is a treatment used to heal certain skin diseases using various luminous sources, whereas photo-therapy® ''well-being through photography'' is a trademark registered at the I.N.P.I of Paris on 04/14/2009.

 Its owner Patrick Wecksteen photographer by trade, had indeed realized that after several years of photo shoots, his photo sessions had a therapeutic effect on many of his clients, such as a regain of self-confidence… the assurance of one's seduction abilities… reconciliation with their self image… the discovery or controlled modification of that image… etc. In short, results that were rather beneficial for the people who were being photographed.

  Following Patrick Wecksteen's example, a multitude of photographers are therefore now doing photo-therapy® without even knowing it. But beware: a photographer is not necessarily a good therapist nor a therapist a good photographer!

photo-therapy to feel better

Having for my part gone through a long curriculum in both fields (passionate about photography since 10 years old and about psychology/spirituality since my teenage years) I have acquired all qualities and experience required in order to be able to use photography as a fun means to help people who need to reconstruct not only their physical image, but going beyond that, to reconstruct their profound identity. But be cautious: it does not suffice to photograph a person in order for her/him to recover their self-confidence. It would be too simple…

I would even say that when someone poses nude or half undressed in front of a camera lens, she/he has already done most of the work towards her/his inner healing; hence us photographers should always be humble when it comes to our talents as ''therapists'', even so that most of my colleagues would be very uncomfortable if they one day had to switch roles to find themselves on the other side of the lens posing nude for a complete stranger. Having for my part often tested both sides of the camera during photo shoots of all sorts, I am able to comprehend what my models might feel. I am therefore much more apt to rapidly put my models at ease straight away and from the first photo session.

phototherapy model 2

PHOTO-THERAPY® : who is it for?


 Photo-therapy® is intended for men and women who wish to be able to look at themselves differently, to reconcile with their bodies, to accept and love it, to break the barriers that keep them from going forward, to free themselves from the hatred of the others’ often judgmental looks, to finally dare being the blossoming and radiant man or woman that they have repressed for a long time…etc.

Generally speaking, photo-therapy® is intended for people who feel at odds with their bodies and who have a low self-esteem. An image of their physical aspect, of their femininity or virility that is too harsh… doubts about their ability to seduce… hang-ups of all kinds…etc.
If your personality is characterized by an inhibition that is slightly excessive to the point of poisoning your existence, a photo-therapy® approach® will greatly and rapidly help you get rid of your inhibitions so as to let the real you naturally shine out.

phototherapy midget

How does a PHOTO-THERAPY® session take place?


On the day of the appointment, we normally meet at my home studio located at Limoges (Limousin) where you come with the outfit or outfits that you will have chosen for the photo session. The place’s welcoming and friendly atmosphere allows us to slowly become acquainted with each other over a cup of coffee or other… I listen to your expectations, desires, projects, doubts… and in function of all of this, while respecting the limits which you will have established, we start the photo session. The length of time spent for the discussion and for the photo shoot can widely vary from person to person and there is no fixed duration for either. Because the session is supposed be two hours long, we however try not to go too much beyond three hours in total because as you will see time will fly by!

fat woman photo-therapy

How much does a PHOTO-THERAPY® session cost?


The session lasts two hours and costs 280€. At the end you will leave with all the photos of yourself in high definition on a cd-rom or your USB key, whatever you prefer. Wonderful memories in perspective; the satisfaction of having dared ++ being proud of later showing your photos to those of your choosing…


It is possible to have yourself made up before the photo session. The make-up supplement by a professional make-up artist (optional) is 120€.


For any other questions or informations, do not hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure to get back to you.