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Packages & prices for the photo sessions :



The 3dRender photo Studio is not satisfied with just coaching you or helping you in taking the pose or photographing you : it literally puts you on stage !

Your photos will thus be alive. They will naturally give off an ambience, an atmosphere, a story, a « slice of life » in which you will be superbly highlighted, as you can verify by browsing through the images shown in our Photo Gallery.

In that your photos will stand out from most of the classical snapshots taken in traditional studios and will greatly add value to your photo book!




Whatever the shoot package you choose, at the end you will bring home your photos in high definition digital format (5616 x 3744 pixels) on a complimentary USB key.

For any photo session done together and at no extra cost, it is possible to have (optional) your favourite photo posted in the photo gallery of the 3dRender website, and even to have your own personal gallery (6 photos minimum for a personal photo gallery). To see an example of personal gallery click here

During any photo session, it is possible to be assisted/prepared according to your needs by a professional make-up artist, a hairdresser or stylist. These services, proposed individually or as a whole have an extra cost. The cost for make-up is fixed (120 €). The hair/styling options have variable costs since these must be adapted more precisely to the needs of each shooting. Contact us for a detailed quote.

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Prices 2016
The options listed below are guidelines only. If you have a specific request, it is possible to create together your own personal photo session option, specifically adapted to your needs:


« Pro Express » Package:


      30 minutes of shots: 100 €


If you are comfortable in front of a camera lens, you have considerable experience as a model and you wish to quickly do a few superb shots to renew or complete your book photo, this package is made for you.

You will be able to wear up to 2 outfits of your choice during this 30-minute photo session. When it is finished, you will bring home 12 photos that you will have chosen among all the shots done together.

Makeup supplement by professional makeup artist (optional): 120 € TTC


« Studio 1 » Package:


      1h of shots: 160 € 

You will be able to wear up to 3 outfits of your choice during this 60-minute photo
session. If you are a beginner when it comes to modeling, we will
take the time to skillfully put you on scene and accompany you
throughout the whole shoot in order to bring out the best in you.
At the end, you will bring home all of the shots done together.
BONUS : 1 (of your choice) chromy digitally improved photo.

Make-up option by professional make-up artist: 120 € TTC


« Studio 2 » Package:

 2h of shots: 280 €

The number of outfits that you like for this 120-minute photo session. Perfect package for the models wishing to try on many types of clothes and
underwear during the shoot, and also for those who have never had
a true experience in modeling. We will therefore teach you the
fundamental principles. At the end of the session, you will
bring home all of the shots done together.
BONUS : 2 (of your choice) chromy digitally improved photos.

Make-up option by professional make-up artist: 120 € TTC


« Luxury » Package:

 3h of shots + MAKE-UP: 480 €

          With the LUXURY package, we will spend a minimum of 3 hours together,
during which you will wear as many outfits as you like for various
role-playing situations and different settings and colours.
At the end of the session you will leave with all of the shots
which will without fail make you - and the studio - very proud!
BONUS : 3 (of your choice) chromy digitally improved photos.

Make-up by professional make-up artist: INCLUDED in the package.
Plan for a total of about 4 hours for this session.

For reasons clearly explained in this section, we will not do any paper printing, choosing to leave this task (very precise and delicate if high fidelity rendering of colours, shades, and contrasts is required, mat or glossy paper is needed…etc.) to the professional print shops that are experts in this field. If you wish, Jean-Marc will tell you what to do if you want to print your photos in a way that perfectly respects the colorimetric chain.


retouchage photo alpes maritimesGood to know  : digital retouching work is very important for photography when it comes to giving a boost to a snapshot’s aesthetics or bringing a specific atmosphere to the shot. The postproduction step of an image has even become almost unavoidable for most snapshots destined for the press and generally all mass media. To find out more about photo retouching and its prices refer to this website’s PRICES - PHOTO RETOUCHING section.  


Frequently asked questions:

… What about out-of-studio shoots?

For the shootings done outside the premises or outbuildings of the 3dRender studio, such as public places, gardens or parks, forests, hotels, estates, private rooms or at your home…etc., the pricing is different. The potential rental costs for access to the places of shootings as well as our travel costs would eventually have to be taken into account.

Contact the studio for any information or free cost estimate, we will be delighted to answer you.

… Do the prices increase for a photo shoot with two people?

No! Doing a photo shoot alone or with other people does not change the cost, since it is calculated on an hourly basis. However the make-up, hair or styling packages vary according to the number of models to prepare (full price for the first person then decreasing for the others).

Nevertheless and for practical purposes, the number of persons in the studio rarely exceeds five individuals. Experience has shown that beyond this number it becomes very difficult to conveniently manage a photo session and obtain optimal shots.