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Photo shoot : for whom? Why?


It would take long to list the different motivations which drive the models before my lens. Some are classical, others much less, even surprising…

The most frequent is the desire to have beautiful and true photos of ourselves ''just like in magazines'' and whose quality has absolutely nothing to do with amateur photos or with photos taken with a mobile telephone. There are those who wish to appear at their very best in order to find love, either for just one night or for life. At an era when a considerable amount of romantic encounters occur virtually by means of dating websites, sharing communities or chats such as Facebook or MSN, having quality photos has become a major and decisive asset in order to seduce.
There are also the people who consider a career in modeling and whose accomplishment goes through the realization of a photo book…


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…There also are those who propose to market their body image (escorting or other…) for a little extra cash at the end of the month, a bit like the models who once would pose for painters. These people obviously require quality photos to attract clients.

Let's not forget the individuals' or couples' requests that, in spite of their non-mainstream or debauched implications, can totally fall within the artistic field. These will nonetheless be as legitimate and respectable as other requests. For ages man has used various means: carving, drawing, painting, sculpture… that were available to him in order to represent in a totally natural way and without taboo sexuality and its pleasures. With the invention of photography, it was therefore inevitable to see the emergence of boudoir photos, erotic or pornographic photos. Today, the vocabulary has simply changed: we now talk about « porn-art »,  « pornochic », « happy-porn », « gladporn » and the like…

As many new expressions and « tendencies » to imagine the impulses, desires and fantasies recorded deep within human genetics since always. A vocabulary that continually adapts to the lifestyle of a society that is trying to find itself and which is continually evolving.

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Where and how does a photo shoot session take place?


The photo shoots generally take place either in the studio which has been set up for that purpose in a villa, a house or a hotel suite located in the city where the photo session is taking place (Paris, Lille, Marseille, Nice, Monaco, Barcelona…etc.), or either in the 80m2 settings of the 3dRender photo studio located in Limoges (Haute-Vienne). In all instances a pleasant, warm and hushed atmosphere is created in order to allow the models to quickly become at ease in the settings, and to yield original, soft, sensual, artistic and aesthetic shots.


The photo shoots can also take place in any other city or location, including public, or at your home if you wish. In all the cases the staging, the technical means expended as well as my expert eye will guarantee splendid photos of you. Photos that will turn out to be of unequalled originality within your souvenir album.

The high definition snapshots of the photo shoot will be given to you immediately after the session on a complementary USB key.


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How much does a photo shoot session cost?


All of the information can be found under the section "Prices" of this website. Thank you for referring to this page.
If your request is specific, thank you for contacting Jean-Marc for a free customized cost estimate.


A PHOTO SHOOT is also an excellent GIFT IDEA !
Think about it…

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And for any other questions or information, do not hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure to get back to you.



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